BERG Buddy Orange Kids Ride On Pedal Kart


BERG Buddy Orange Kids Ride On Pedal Kart

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The BERG Buddy Orange is a super fun pedal powered go kart for kids aged 3-8.

This pedal kart features forward and backwards pedalling abilities, which is great for manoeuvring in tight spaces or when a little backing up is needed. The super smooth EVA tyres contain zero air, meaning punctures and flats are a thing of the past, all the while ensuring ease of use for little legs pedalling away, and a smooth and silent ride on any surface. The steering wheel and seat are fully adjustable meaning kids of any age between 3-8 can enjoy the thrill of racing around the backyard, down the street or at the park.

  • BERG Buddy grows with your child thanks to its adjustable steering wheel and seat.
  • The BFR system allows you to brake with the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill.
  • The pneumatic tyres ensure an easy comfortable ride.
  • The swing axle provides extra grip to keep you firmly on the ground.
  • Length: 115 cm
  • Width: 65 cm
  • Height: 63 cm
  • Weight: 18 kg